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Smoothie Diet Recipes for Weight Loss. Top trick for cutting calories and sugar.

hey guys Shelly here chances are youfound this video you're looking for smoothie diet recipes for weight loss soI absolutely love smoothies in their fantastic for losing weight and keepingthe weight off as long as you know how to make a proper smoothie that willactually do that a lot of people put ice cream and juices and and things thathave very high sugar fat and calories so I'm going to make a really easy simplesmoothie right now that you can use at any time it's very nutritious it hasgreen has berries so it's very low in sugar it's very low in calories and italso has a little bit of fat added with cashew butter so what we're going to dois we are going to take spinach a fourth cup of blueberries fourth cup of andabout a fourth cup of strawberries and what I like to do is I like to add alittle bit of cinnamon in my smoothie and the reason for that is becausecinnamon actually helps with your blood sugar levels it helps level them out soyou don't have high low spikes i also put a little bit of turmeric in mystudies because that actually helps with inflammation and then I do spoonful Idon't really measure too much with the cashew butter I like doing the cashew butter becauseit gives me some really good fat and it makes the smoothie very creamy tasting and if youwant a little bit sweeter you can put organic maple syrup and i knowyou said don't add sugar but just a tad bit of maple syrup is all you need and Ijust do just a tiny tiny bit and that actually kind of just help sweeten it upa little bit if you're not used to unsweetened and then here is my trickinstead of using juices of milk or anything like that i actually just usewater water has no calories no sugar no anything in it so i use water for myliquid in my smoothies so we're just going to add water and iadd to about the top of where v all the all the fruit and vegetables are I don'treally measure it too much I just go for that and then you blend it and to savetime I'm not going to probably blend it right now but if you want the recipe tothis or other recipes that are good for detoxing for losing weight all that goodstuff click the link below and it will takeyou to a fantastic detox smoothie recipe that I really love using and it keepsyou with energy and all that good stuff so happy smoothing and i hope this helpsyou in your weight loss struggle and or just for energy alright thanks.

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