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simple summer smoothie

hi guys my name is Lisa welcome to myChannel today I'm going to show you how to make one of my smoothies which are sofreaking good they taste like it tastes like a summer vacation it's very healthy there is kale and alot of fiber in it can taste it it's delicious even like one of my friendsshe does not eat vegetables like she hates them she drank the entire thing without evenknowing that there was kale in it so.

She would be like the ultimate tester of mysmoothie drinks and she gave them a thumbs up so as far as I'm concerned it'sdelicious so that's it hopefully you enjoyed this video ,hopefully it wasn't too tough.

if you did definitely give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you wantaccess to more upcoming videos and if you did try it & you liked it or if you triedit didn't like it leave a comment below.

I know coconut isnot for everyone so you tweak it a little bit work foryou just leave that in the comments then maybe it will help somebody else outyour pc thanks for working.

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