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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast (Weight Loss 12 Weeks )| Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast for Women & men #7

Hi guys I am Salli This is a great honor for me today to be invited by Health Learn to have a talk with you about losing weight In this video, I will talk about a very very interesting topic to all of you.

That is why so many people get fat easily even though they don’t eat much and why many other people can eat everything they want and still stay fit just like super models.

I will first give you the reason for this and then tell you how to enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about your weight.

This is actually a biological matter that has been confirmed by scientists after working with thousands of people in the world.

Now let get into the point.

First is why you fail to lose weight.

A research done by professor Gordon shows that there are differences between digestive systems of normal people and those of obese people.

When these obese people lose weight, their digestive systems tend to be similar to of the thinner ones.

Moreover, researchers in School of medicine in Maryland University (USA) found out that there are 26 types of bacteria relating to obesity and other problems of digestive system.

Some of you may have heard of this before.

But today I will make it clearer for you.

There are billions of bacteria in our body.

That sounds terrible, right? Does it mean we are dirty? Of course not We usually consider bacteria as something “unexpected”.

However, 90% of our living cells are made of bacteria Scientists from Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland say that we usually ignore the importance of bacteria in our body.

However, the result of DNA analysis shows the bacterial community variation in human body as well as their usefulness Indeed, in the digestive system of 1 person only, there are 2,04kg of bacteria.

These bacteria are all good for us.

In fact, without them, we cannot exist.

Take E.

Coli as an example.

This bacteria is essential for digestion and can exist and freely move around in our intestine And Salmonella, the bacteria which causes food poisoning is mostly found on our skin These bacteria, however, don’t cause diseases in human.

In fact, they have an intimate relationship with human.

Scientists call the relationship between human and bacteria is symbiosis.

We provide food for bacteria and in the way back, they help us digest food, produce vitamin and strengthen immunity system.

Moreover, bacteria protect us from infectious diseases.

Now you can see how important bacteria are to us.

However, there are also bad bacteria which not only take food from us, but also change our taste so that we eat more food that is good for them and help them develop.

And this food, unluckily, causes us to gain weight Does it sound a bit confusing for you? Let me simplify then The only reason that leads to weight gain and weight loss is bacterial imbalance in our intestine.

If our moms have had this problem during their pregnancy then we will be affected and can be overweight easily.

Weight gain is the result of heritage and modern life style.

It is not our fault.

Scientists pointed out that the proportions of good and bad bacteria that are the best for our digestive system are 85% and 15% respectively.

If you can balance the proportions of bacteria in your gut then you will have perfect weight loss results.

And of course you can eat whatever you like without worrying about your weight.

Many weight loss plans that you have been applying usually just help you solve the problem in short term.

Weight will be back when you stop them.

Some plans are even worse when they make the proportions of bacteria more imbalanced and you will be fatter.

How bad that is.

I will explain right now for you.

These are some mistakes leading to bacterial imbalance in your body that you may not notice.

Avoid eating good fats When going on a diet, people usually say no to fats However, fats are very important When you skip these fats, some good bacteria will starve to death.

This leads to more serious bacterial imbalance and you will gain weight in no time.

These good fats can also help you lose more weight by increasing metabolism You should take more omega 3 and other fatty acid found in olive oil, fish fat and nuts.

Eat too much raw vegetables Salads are good, but eating too much of this will only make the situation become worse.

This is because roughage in raw vegetables is indigestible This causes many digestive problems, kills good bacteria and therefore slows down the metabolism.

You will again be fat.

And there are many other mistakes that we have made during our weight loss campaign.

You can see more in “5 Mistakes When Trying To Lose Weight |Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast for Women & men #3” all made by Health Learn Now the only solution for you is to balance the proportions of bacteria in your intestine.

The bad news is that there are no free articles or videos on the Internet showing you how to do that.

And the good news is that I will bring you a perfect weight loss plan that you can apply right today, right now.

This fabulous program is designed by KL, a well-known professional in this field.

He is also known as a professional nutritionist in health care business.

At a health care conference held in England in September 2009, he met ADG, also a famous health specialist.

ADG showed his interest in benefits of bacteria on human lifetime and on improving our health through strengthen your immune system.

KL had this impulse to research on bacteria in human body.

After years of hard work, he found out that bacteria are so important to our health in general and to weight loss in specific.

His successful program has been helping so many people in the world on their weight loss and increasing metabolism which helps protecting them from deadly diseases.

And the program is named Flat Belly Forever.

It mainly focuses on good and bad bacteria in our stomach.

This wonderful weight loss plan will help get rid of causes of weight gain and obesity.

It really is a spectacular plan.

It has been helping thousands or even millions of people and changing their lives.

There is also a club established to support people following this method.

Immersion club.

In Flat Belly Forever, you will know exactly how to change the proportions of bacteria in your intestine by increasing good bacteria and reducing bad ones.

This will refresh your digestive system and immune system, help you burn more fat and get energy.

This weight loss program last for 12 weeks And in those 12 weeks, you will know exactly what to do The good thing is that you still can enjoy your favorite foods, but with limits, of course.

And the cost of this program is $97 What a reasonable investment for the most effective weight loss program.

You cannot even have a small party with your family with only $97 But now that amount of money can change your life.

You will be no longer being obsessive with gaining weight again.

You can eat what you like and everyone will look at your body with jealous eyes.

That’s not all.

You will also receive a bonus of 143 exercise training videos that’s worth $297.

Each exercise takes you only a few minutes at home yet will help you increase metabolism and maximize your fat burning rate.

Breaking news for you, if you buy Flat Belly Forever by clicking the link in the description below, you will only have to pay $47 That’s unbelievable, right? Now you can have this product with just a half of the money I paid to buy it.

And we will refund 100% of the purchase price if there are any unwanted experiences with our program.

After following the program, I was totally satisfied with what KL had created.

After 12 weeks, I could eat my favorite foods without any without thinking about gaining weight.

I party overnight with my friends which I was scared of when I was overweight.

Other girls were jealous with the changes I made.

Advantages This is a weight loss program that deals with the root cause of weight gain.

The program is natural based and is guaranteed not to have any side-effects The price for this is so cheap in comparison with what you receive from the program For any reason you feel The Flat Belly Forever program is not as efficient as the claims of Kyle Leon , just send an email to Kyle Leon within 60 days from the date of order, you will get 100% your money back that you invest on this product.

This commitment will protect you from any damages when buying this product.

Do not hesitate to take action now! Disadvantages To see the results, you have to be consistent, it may take you 12 weeks or so depending on your current weight You will need to study carefully about bacteria and their role in digestive system You are also asked to follow the instruction on what to eat to provide good bacteria good for health and for your weight loss target.

The results from this program have been confirmed.

You will start to see positive effects after 2 or 3 weeks applying the program.

To have this program, please click the link in the description box below.

You will immediately have it after payment.

You will be absolutely pleased by this program.

Please like and share to let many people know about this and forget about being overweight.

In the next video, we will introduce to you some exercises and yoga.

Goodbye and see you next time.

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