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DELICIOUS PUMPKIN SMOOTHIE BOWL RECIPE | How To Make Pumpkin Smoothie Bowls + Top 5 Pumpkin Benefits

it's like pumpkin pie in a bowl whats up its Max Barry owner of Max'sBestBootcamp, and this is how to make a delicious pumpkin smoothie bowl let's go this video is all about our staringredient the pumpkin first thing we're going to do in this video is too overthe top five pumpkin benefits for good health then we're going to gostep by step to show you how to make this smoothie recipe that tastes like pumpkin pie in a bowl at the end we're going to go over some toping options that's goingto make his smoothie bowl really come to life so let's get into it right nowwe're about to get into this smoothie bowl recipe but before we do let's goover the top five health benefits of pumpkins number one it improvesvision skin and nails because it's high in vitamin a number two it's great forworkout recovery because it actually has more of the electrolytes potassium thana banana number three it's a powerful antioxidant because pumpkins are rich inbeta-carotene number for pumpkins are a good source of fiber containing fourgrams per half cup serving and finally number five it's a great slow-burning carbohydratecoming in at just under six net carbs per half cup serving and those are thetop five health benefits of pumpkins now go get your blender because it'stime to make the smoothie bowls alright guys let's jump right into this our first ingredient going into the blender is a half a cup of pumpkinpuree this is 100-percent pureed pumpkin and that's what you want to look out forwhen you're buying it in the store in a can if you want to roast it yourself be myguest we're not doing that today we're taking a littleshortcut and pumpkins good all year round our next ingredient is going to becashew butter this is one tablespoon of creamydeliciousness now you can actually use any nut butterthat you like if you have almond butter peanut butter on hand that would bedelicious too we went with cash today and it's perfectcomplement to the pumpkin next is half a teaspoon of vanilla extract now we're going to add ice cubes this isabout ten ice cubes depending on your style and what's great about the icecubes no calories it's going to add some volume and thickness to our pumpkin smoothie so that's going to be great and that last two ingredients is going to bea big scoop of protein powder that we're using Max's Best Bootcamp protein powderbut you can use your favorite brand and finally is a half teaspoon of cinnamon now we just put on the top and blended so thick and creamy time to pour it intothe bowl and then add our toppings this smoothie bowl came out so thick andcreamy it's gonna be delicious you're not going to regret trying thispumpkin recipe now the next thing we're going to do is go over some toppings the options are endless but we're goingto choose to very fitting toppings everything goes betterwith coconut so we're going to add some coconut flakes right to the side here don't be shy you can never have enoughof these and then we're going to add some lightly salted roasted pumpkinseeds right up the middle and that's how you make a delicious pumpkin smoothiebowl recipe we hope you like this video guys if you did be sure to give it athumbs up & subscribe to the channel share this video and if you have any questionsabout this pumpkin smoothie recipe or ideas for future recipes go ahead and post all that downin the comments section below thanks for watching this video, have anawesome day!.

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